Because We Can't Do This Without You.

Our founders are limited on the amount of educational content they can provide, which is why they came together in the first place... they know the importance of bridging the ever growing gap dividing us all. The importance of coming together to overcome the lack of truth in education. The importance of standing on your own two feet not having to rely on other people to do the things you never had the opportunity to learn.

Remember, knowledge definitely has a beginning, however, there is zero end to it. So why keep it to yourself, share it! Think of the people who you have learned the most from. Were they all world class scholars? If I were to guess, I'd say they are just like you and I. People who just happened to have learned things you didn't. Whether it be because of life circumstances or interest, the fact of the matter is, you too have the capability to teach someone something that could very well change their life.

Tell us about the one thing you know the most about...

What can you talk about for hours on end...

What's YOUR topic related to?

*Pick the topic(s) that best describes what you would like to share with the class.

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