Thoughts on Chrono Trigger

An Introduction to Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger is one of the first instances of Square/Enix crossover work on the SNES. Developed by legendary Dragon Quest creators Yuji Horii and Akira Toriyama, this game has more of the feel of a Final Fantasy or Secret of Mana than that other illustrious […]

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Thoughts on The Magic of Scheherazade

I am the pillar who separates and supports the human world and the dark world.Let the magician traveling over the time, take a rod and shoot me.Stand on the red moon and shoot me. Stand on the white sun and shoot me.Shoot me when Airosche makes the star shine blue. […]

Thoughts on Video Game Speed Runs

Speed Runs So this year I finally got into watching some pretty awesome speed runs on Twitch. Specifically, it was Summer Games Done Quick 2015. They take pledges from viewers to “unlock” various features of a run (like what to name the characters, or what branches to take if any […]

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Alucarp’s Top Games 2

My friends and I have a running tradition of constructing ranking lists for various criteria of video games. We’ve done top all-time lists, top in genre lists, top pairings of music with a scene, just about anything we can come up with. For me, it’s a way to give some […]

Thoughts on the Final Fantasy VII Remake Pt 2

Final Fantasy From Hell Alright, so I’m sure we’ve all seen the new trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake on the PS4. I’ve talked about this a bit before and had some things to cover now that we have something else to look at. Earlier Predictions The Battle System […]


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I Love the Star Trek Beyond Trailer and You Should Too 1

Oh Man I Love Star Trek Greetings, programs.  When I was a kid I thought Star Trek was exciting. Humans and aliens shooting at each other with ray guns, wrestling, flying around space, and blowing up hostile ships. If Kirk couldn’t trick or sex you into submission, your ass was […]

Thoughts on Dragon Quest V 3

Is it Dragon Quest or Dragon Warrior? Yes! Well, I’ve done it. I’ve completed the first game on my Twitch stream: Dragon Quest V – The Hand of the Heavenly Bride. Let me tell you, this game is incredible. It’s a masterpiece of storytelling in this medium. In all truth, […]

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Thoughts on a Video Game Stream

Why Oh Why Bother With a Stream? A while back I decided to start messing around with streaming some video games. I started out by just letting friends stream my gameplay sessions on Steam but it occurred to me that I play a lot of games that don’t use that […]

Thoughts on the Final Fantasy VII Remake 1

Full disclosure warning for multiple paragraphs to follow. I love Final Fantasy VII. It’s probably a permanent #2 on my list of Top Games of all time. It’s behind only Final Fantasy VI, which may be a bit blasphemous, but the heart wants what the heart wants, I guess. I […]

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a link between worlds

Thoughts on The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Most of this was written months ago, but I’m twitchy and weird and haven’t published until now. Now I’m trying to clear out the queue so I can write things that are timely again. This post is going to be chock full of ***SPOILERS*** and this will serve as your […]